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how to withdraw money from Google AdSense

Hi, guys welcome to our new post. So, guys, you will learn in this post how to withdraw money from Google Adsense. so, guys, we need to know what is Google Adsense and then we tell you the complete process of withdrawing money from Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense…?

Adsense is an advertising system. Who provides us an advertisement and monetize our website or blogs. And publish an advertisement on our website and give us money against publishing ads. Adsense work on Impression and CPC. And give us 1 dollar on 1000 impression. But CPC based on the country where ads click. Here the small introduction of Google Adsense and now I will Tell you how to withdraw money from Adsense.

How to withdraw money?

So guys very easy method to withdraw money from Adsense. First of all, you need to know the requirement for withdrawing. Here you need to withdraw a minimum 100 dollars and you can withdraw payment with three different methods. 1 Check. 2 Western Union. 3 Bank Transfer. And How to Create an Adsense Account watching below video.

Creating Adsense account sign in here and you need to earn a minimum 10 dollars for verifying your address and it’s a very important step for withdrawing money from here. Just follow my steps after earning 10 dollars here.

  • Verify your address if you don’t know how ? watch the video below.

  • Add Payment Method ( how to add payment method watch video below)

  • ¬†After completing the above process then click on Payments tab in the right sidebar menu.

how to withdraw money from Google AdSense 1

  • Here appear payment screen here and then click on view transaction payment tab.

how to withdraw money from Google AdSense 1

  • Then click on Highlighted line in below link.

how to withdraw money from Google AdSense 1

  • You get Payment recipient if you have a printer then printing this otherwise you note MTCN number and collect money from near western union shop.how to withdraw money from Google AdSense

This method only for western union and other methods of payment withdraw process is different. And if you are using Adsense for Youtube then youtube earning add in your account every 15 dates of the month. And you get Recipient on Every 22 dates of the month. For any Question about this post use comment section.

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