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How to Use Button, Image, Label in Thunkable

What is Thunkable….?

So Guys welcome to another new post. Thunkable is an app inventor application. Where you can make an app without any coding knowledge. Just design with drag and drop system and Build apk easily. And you can make an app in just 5 minutes using thunkable. Now in this post, we learn how to use Button, Image, and label in thunkable apps.


Button Use for performing any activity and you can use a button for Playing music, Open another Screen or Much more. you can make a stylish button using button proprieties. add an image in button and make more stylish.


Image used for showing you graphics or any picture in your app. if you want to make images bases app you use this component. And show multiple images in your app. And make a professional app with using images.


Label component using for showing Text in your app. you use this component for showing any result or showing any text in your display screen. who use can’t change this and this is not editable text.



You can see Using component in this image here we use 3 component Button, Image and Label. if you want to understand Deeply Play below video and watch full tutorial.

Thunkable Tutorial full in Urdu

Start create an android app Click Here

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