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How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome for android

Hi, Guys welcome to my another post here we tell you how to enable google dark mode android for google chrome in android. and what is night mode or night mode and benefits of night mode?

What is Dark Mode

Dark mode changes the background and lots of components of various apps in iOS from light-weight color shades to black and dark grey. once Night mode is enabled, it provides a reverse color scheme supposed to enhance readability. commonly text is black and backgrounds area unit white or light-weight.

The benefit of Dark Mode

Health benefits. maybe the largest benefit of night modes is that they emit less blue light-weight, which means your sleep cycle is a smaller amount possible to be noncontinuous. As a result, people that use night mode typically do this as a result of it offers them more robust expertise once victimization their devices at night time.

How to enable Night Mode?

  • First, open your android chrome browser
  • And write chrome://flags/ in the Address bar and click enter
  • Here open new page and top of the page write night mode in the search bar and click enter.
  • then enable dark mode.
  • after enabling a click on relaunch button.
  • now your chrome night mode is enabled.

How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome for android

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How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome for androidEnable both and click relaunch now

How to enable Dark mode in Google Chrome for androidGoogle dark Mode android is not officially published for chrome android. here hidden feature of chrome you can enable easily night mode using these steps and care your eyes. Night mode best for those who use mobile or browse the internet at night or late at night. If you want to learn how to enable dark mode in facebook messenger click here. and watch the video below to watch a complete tutorial about google dark mode android enabled in Google Chrome. Read more Article Click Here.

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